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Digiday Publishes My Article on Taylor Swift and her Social Media Genius

January 18, 2015 Digital Marketing Published Articles 0
Joshua Swanson Digiday Contributor - Taylor Swift Guide to Social Media Marketing

On January 7th of 2015, Digiday decided to publish a piece I submitted on the social media marketing genius of Taylor Swift. With 3,800+ shares and hundreds of thousands of views, the article was fairly well received! It was a great way to start the year.

In the article I touched on the pure genius that is the social media presence of Taylor Swift. There’s no denying that she understands her millennial audience and whether she is a master strategist, or just lucky, in my opinion, she’s the reigning queen of celebrity social media marketing.

Give it a read and comment with your thoughts. #HappyNewYear and see you online!


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