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Food Network Debut on Top 5

February 14, 2016 Digital Marketing Published Articles Restaurant Marketing Video 0
Best Steak Food Network

Originally featured on the Food Network.

Sometimes it really pays to be a restaurant and hospitality consultant. I was fortunate enough, while visiting and working with my client Lettuce Entertain You, to not only be treated for lunch at RPM Steak, (by far the best steakhouse I’ve ever been too), but also participate in shooting a feature for the Food Network show Top Restaurants. They were rating the top 5 best steaks and they decided to use my furrowed brow in the piece. I look angry, but I promise, the steak was divine.

Chef Doug Psaltis and partners RJ and Jerrod Melman really know how to put on a show. The Duke, the steak I devoured, was tender, delicious, juicy and everything you could ever want in a steak. The decor is modern and chic with just enough energy to feel like you’re really out somewhere special, but not so much that you’re unable to carry on a conversation. This is a must stop for all steak lovers, fish lovers and just diners in general looking for a vibrant restaurant with outstanding service and delicious food.

Here’s the piece:

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