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VIDEO :: Social Media Predictions for 2014

January 19, 2014 Digital Marketing Published Articles Video 0
Social Media Predictions for 2014

Originally published on the GoToMyApartment blog.

A lot of “social media consultants” have already thrown out their trend predictions for the new year, but while we patiently waited for theirs to fall flat, we were shown the light. CEO Joshua Swanson gives us a run-down in GTMA’s latest video blog of what to expect in social media for 2014. Here are just a couple to get you started, but the real juice is in the video:

Prediction #1: Both Facebook and Twitter will Surpass $80 a Share

Facebook and Twitter stock is currently around $55 and $63 a share, respectively, but both stocks just had banner years- with Facebook more than doubling and Twitter almost tripling. While analysts are saying Twitter (and Facebook to an extent) is overvalued, ask yourself this: When was the last time you visited an up-to-date website for any business and did NOT see those FB and Twitter buttons?

These two social networks have completely penetrated the way we communicate. Facebook is especially a good deal as it has over a billion users and is the second most visited website in the world! At $55 a share, people who are worried that social security won’t be around much longer should be pouring their dollars into Facebook stock!

Prediction #2: Social Media Ad Revenues will Increase as Demographics get Older

Another reason to think the share prices will continue their upward moment is that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is older adults and ad revenues will continue to grow as a result. Yeah, teens are all fleeing Facebook and heading to Instagram and SnapChat because their parents are now getting accounts, but those parents can actually afford to buy stuff! This is a huge opportunity for brands to spend big bucks bringing older eyeballs with their fat wallets to their products via social networks.

Because of Facebook’s deep pockets, they can just continue to buy the next big social network (Hello Instagram!) thereby continuing to dominate with a massive market share in the competitive social media virtual arena.

To find out the rest of Joshua’s predictions for social media in 2014, view the video embedded above.


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